Thursday, February 5, 2015

Australian Open 2015 Final Thoughts

I left the last blog before the end of play in Melbourne, and thought I'd add a couple of last notes: Djokovic/Wawrinka Semifinal: I think both men came out with an "Oh, no; not HIM again!" attitude, and who could blame them? Their last few matches have been brutal battles down to (and even past) the wire. I don't think either man wanted to do that again, and it showed in the noticeable sub-par performance in this match. Novak wanted just a little bit more (or Stan a little less), and the final set was anti-climactic. Murray/Berdych Semifinal: Berdych needs to grow up if he's going to win a Slam. The Big Four are not going to give up without a huge fight, and attitudes better suited to junior tennis aren't going to cut it against them (just to be fair, Murray's girlfriend needs to do the same). Women's Semis: Didn't watch. Don't want to listen to screamers. Knew what was going to happen. Men's Final: Djoker simply outlasted Murray, draining him to the point that there was nothing left to give. And, yes, Murray also needs to grow up some more if he's going to vie for a place in history with the Big Three. He needs to take the time and make the effort to shore up a dismal (by pro standards) second serve, especially against the best returner currently playing, quit his incessant whining and go about his business in the manner of Novak if he expects to win again. Women's Final: See notes on semis above.